Monday, July 21, 2008

Absorbing Bible Knowledge Daily

Bible knowledge is not something you can force in a few long study sessions, every once in a while. It is best accumulated day by day, and accompanied by prayers for understanding.

You will be much more successful with a defined reading plan than with randomly opening the Bible and trying to read. And unless you are a super human discipline machine, you don't have to try to read it an hour a day. You almost certainly won't be able to keep that up, which increases the chances of you quitting altogether.

Just get in the habit of reading (or listening) over and over. Start with 5 minutes (say one chapter of Luke, then move on to Acts) each day. If you do that you'll find that you often keep going. But don't feel bad if you don't - just get started every day. Create a regular place and a time and stick to it.

Get a good Bible that you can understand (I recommend the ESV) and be careful of using a paraphrase (here's an interesting article on that subject).

You can also read online at - it makes it very easy to read and compare different translations.

However you get your regular portion of the Bible, try to get it daily.

[If you would like to be more consistent in your Bible reading but just aren't sure how to start, or how much to read, or what parts to read, or whatever - just email me and I'd be happy to help you get started.]